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'Dox in box' is an innovative need-based cost effective point of care technology offering comprehensive telemedicine solutions in rural India. Its aim is to reach the under-serviced rural populations through virtual physical examination modules such as tele-ENT, tele-dermatology, tele-medical and surgical consult, tele-cardiology, tele-ophthalmology, rapid diagnosis of diabetes, etc.

The objective of 'Dox in box' service is to design a point of care, user friendly, cost effective, integrated multi functional device for rural telemedicine applications with emphasis on general physician functionality. The disease pattern at the primary health centre and sub centre level in rural India typically includes conditions like acute minor ailments, chronic diseases (diabetes, hypertension, renal disease, and COPD), pregnancy and related illness and pediatric illnesses. Since there is a lacuna of trained physicians, there is a dire need for an 'all in one' comprehensive low cost point of care tele-med device which fills this gap.

'Dox in box' operation started in three PHCs, two district hospitals and two old age homes - in Telemedicine consulting centers (TCCs). The service provided at PHCs and old age homes is primarily General Physician, while Cardiology consultation was provided at District Hospitals. The service was very much sought after by the local communities and, so far, we have provided Tele Consultations to over 15,000 patients.

The 'Dox in box' - this unique solution offered by us makes use of innovative information technology to provide rural patients with access to low-cost, world-class virtual medical diagnosis and treatment.
Dox in box is a registered trademark of ZOLT info solutions


Doctor-on-Call is an innovative need-based cost effective point of care technology offering healthcare solutions in rural India. A caller can dial Doctor-on-Call toll-free number through mobile / landline and connect to a Doctor who could address the health query through use of advanced medical algorithms and disease summaries accessed easily through health software while referring to caller's Electronic Health record online.


Focus Areas
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»  Tele-Labs
»  Tele-ENT

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