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Health Helpline for Governments

Our software solution provides a versatile platform for 365X24X7 Inbound/ Outbound/ Blended Call Centre and it redefines the way a traditional call centre works with the effective use of latest technologies. Users get all the features of advance call centre and much more for a lower price than traditional call centres i.e. completely web based management operating call centre will be easy and reports are on-line.

We successfully provided the IT solutions across different states with in India for 104 non-emergency call centre, 1033 highway emergency call centre, 1097 National AIDS helpline and Mother and Child Tracking system Outbound call centres. The platforms provided by us can handle high call volumes i.e. tens of thousands of calls per day and is scalable and modular. Several state governments have appreciated the robustness of our solution and their effectiveness in making their programs a success. Our solutions match the global quality standards and have offered above industry call drop and other ratios.

104: This is a helpline run by the State government s of Assam, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand. It aims to reduce the minor ailment load on the public health system, expert health advice by doctor, adolescent health counselling and grievances redressal of the beneficiaries.
Provide health advice using validated medical triage solutions, counselling services to adolescents, cancer patients, patients with suicidal tendencies etc. Provide information on nearest diagnostics and treatment facilities, specialist service providers etc, complaint registration system against issues related to Health services.

1033: An Emergency response & management call centre (ER&MC) is required to enable the accident victim to reach the medical facility within the Golden hour and inform Police, Fire and RTA personnel on the stretch from Hyderabad to Vijayawada on National Highway NH 65- (NH9).

Robust software application is provided to support 24*7 call center Respond to emergency calls within 3-5 rings, Dispatch nearest Ambulance to the accident site and inform Police, Fire and RTA personnel, Provide Information to all concerned departments and personnel through SMS.

Follow up of Accident victim in the hospital and provide necessary support. Maintain comprehensive individual records of accident and individual victim with inputs from various sources and generate prescribed periodical reports and share. Maintain data base & Generate & share prescribed periodical reports.

1097: National AIDS helpline provides general information on HIV/AIDS, causes of infection, prevention effects, Counselling services, Referral services and Feedback mechanism. Provided robust centralized call center solution identifies caller location based on mobile number and IVRS is played in 9 different languages and provides the above services successfully.

Health Helpline: Offers versatile platform for Inbound/ Outbound/ Blended Call Centre solutions with ACD and CTI features which supports 24 X 7 X 365 basis. Technologies uses are Open Source based Telephony and CRM technologies. Proprietary Telephony and Windows based CRM. This has been successfully implemented in 9 States of India for respective State Governments and handled more than 12.86 crore calls approximately till date.

Mobile Health Units: Patient registration and identification using Biometric device and Photo with Store and Forward features. Vitals, Diagnosis and Drugs data capturing. Technologies uses are Android Tab based technologies and Windows based technologies. Successfully implemented in 9 States of India for respective State Governments and no. of patient visits are more than 5 crores approximately till date.

Tele-Medicine: Offers Comprehensive Electronic Health Records (EHR) capture, Seamless video call integration. Lab, Pharmacy, Inventory, Admin, Auditor modules. Technologies uses are Open-Source based, Scalable, Cross Platform, Standalone / Store and forward. Successfully implemented in 6 locations (Himachal Pradesh, Araku, Digwal, Jharkhand, Vallabhi & Assam) and handled more than 3 lakh consultations approximately till date.


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